Electric Scooter Buying Guide 2018

Electric Scooter Buying GuideYou might just wonder what are the factors that you should look for while buying an electric scooter from the market. We can assure you that electric scooters are more than a motor and a set of wheels. Thanks to the electric battery, motor & technology advancements. Electric scooters are now not only something for fun but also a viable transport option. If you are you still in confusion on what or how to buy, you should keep reading this electric scooter buying guide. We suggest that you to go through the whole article. After reading this article, we hope, your mind will be cleared up.

Honestly speaking, for making a good purchasing decision you need to consider many factors. Knowing the specifications and the basics of an electric scooter will help you find the one that fits your needs best.

Here are some key components you should consider while buying an electric scooter.

  • Battery life
  • Chain Drive and Belt Drive Motor
  • Durability
  • Speed & range
  • Design & Look
  • Weight Capacity
  • Wheels & Suspensions
  • Safety & Brakes
  • Price

Electric Scooter Buying Guide: What to Check!

Battery Life

Battery life comes definitely first on the scene if you want to take the full pleasure of the ride from your electric scooter. If the battery life of your scooter doesn’t last more than 5 or 10 minutes, you are going to face the worst. You should look for long-lasting & high-powered batteries which will ensure that you will be having a blast every time. Don’t forget to check before buying- how long it takes for the electric scooter’s battery to be fully charged. You can ask the manufacturer about the battery life of the e-scooter. The answers would be like- 500-1000 charging cycles. If it is 1000 charging cycles then the battery will last for a long time. It will be long enough that probably you won’t be needing any replacement in 3-5 years of time.

Lead-acid or Lithium-ion Battery

You can find a lot of electric scooters on the market that use lead-acid battery which is the same kind of battery that cranks your car engine to life. It’s also one of the reasons that scooters cost so little compared to, for example, Hoverboards. Lithium battery technology is actually better in almost every way when it comes to powering an electric vehicle than the lead-acid battery technology. The charging time of lithium battery is much less than that of a lead-acid battery though the riding time may remain the same.

Chain Drive and Belt Drive Motor

If you are searching for your first e-scooter on the market, you need to be aware of this thing- Generally, there are two different drives of motor you can choose from. The first one being a belt drive and another is a chain drive motor. So, what are this chain & belt drive? The chain drive motors are more reliable and suitable for longer rides. However, it’s also very important to know as a rider that chain drive scooters create more noise than the belt drive electric scooters. Then again, even if the belt drive scooters are lot quieter and smoother than chain drive scooters but they need to be replaced often.


When it comes to the durability all of the electric scooters we have listed in our best electric scooter reviews are made by the famous and quality brands. Most of the scooters constructed with steel-made frames, high-torque, chain or belt driven motors and built-to-last batteries. These features obviously make them just fine durable. We suggest you look at the specifications very carefully of the e-scooter that you are going to buy.

Speed & Range

In most of the cases speed is not necessarily the big issue to ride an electric scooter. It depends on where you want to ride the scooter. Some of electric scooters are fast enough for limited road use. You should check your locality laws for riding a scooter. Probably you will be using the side roads and in this case much speed is not necessary. What you should look for is the range of your electric scooter. You need to pay attention to the distance that you need to cover between charges.

On the other hand, if you are buying the electric scooter for your kids- speed should come into your consideration. Riding the e-scooter at high speed increases the chance for the accidents for your kids. You should make sure that your kid is riding the scooter at a safe speed to avoid any kind of injury or accident. In our recommendation we say 10-15 mph is a good enough speed for the kids.

Design & Look

The look should be the key in regards to your preferences. We suggest you check the overall look of the scooter before buying it. You should check the color combination and deck size. You may want to look cool while riding your electric scooter. There are a wide variety of electric scooter available on the market with different looks and color combination. They also come in different sizes. Obviously, the kid’s scooters are lot different than that of the adult’s e-scooter. Generally, the kid’s e-scooters comes with a lot of funky design and color on the other hand adult’s e-scooters are more like simple in design. Okay, whatever it is, you should never compromise the quality.

Weight capacity

When it comes to the personal electric vehicle the weight capacity of an electric scooter is in the lower range. So we suggest you to check the weight capacity according to your preferences. If you want to buy it for yourself you should look for the “Adult” electric scooters. There are some electric scooters that can easily handle up to 300 pounds. For young children the electric scooters with weight capacity of 150 and up will do fine. You should look into the weight limit because if the scooter forced to handle too much of a weight it may go down with in few days. Generally, the larger electric scooters are able to handle more weight than the smaller ones. The more the weight limit of a scooter the more the scooter’s ability to handle many factors while riding, like- the strong wind, suspension and shock.

Wheels & Suspensions

Once again wheels and suspension is one of the top priorities that you should consider before buying an electric scooter. Most of the electric scooters that are now available on the market can have small solid-rubber wheels and no suspension at all. But for most of the riding area it should be okay. If you want to ride the scooter in the real roads or on an uneven surface or on the top of the hills you definitely want broad pneumatic tires, and possibly suspension for the rear and maybe also the front wheel. And it is cool to keep in mind that this may cost a bit extra money. But the rides with the suspensions and pneumatic tires are much more comfortable.

Safety & Brakes

Yes! Safety is always considered while it comes to riding. You must wear proper accessories like- Helmets, Knee-pads, Hand pads, Shoes and even proper apparels. You should look for easy-to-ride electric scooters with good brakes and twist-grip throttle as a starter. Some of the electric scooters can hit 30 mph. For safety you can look for the good brake system with the larger and front and rear discs and good suspension features.  You can check for the video review also for a clear idea.

Beginner’s Alert!

What happens, there are a lot of new e-scooter riders who forget about the significance of security. As they become too excited with using these new types of vehicles and forget about the safety precautions that they need to consider. And in case you are buying it for your kids you should make sure that your kids remain safe and secure while riding these electric vehicles. So, we suggest you buy the necessary safety gears with it.

Some of the electric scooter comes with the safety gears already. But if the manufacturer does not provide the safety gears with the vehicle you should buy those gears from your own sense of responsibility. And there is that buying is not only the job done here, you need to make sure to wear the safety gears before you go for a ride, whether it is you or your kids going for a ride.


If you are looking for a cost effective personal electric vehicle the eco-friendly electric scooters are the best options for you. Price is also one of the most important issues that you should consider while buying an electric scooters. We have made our best electric scooters list considering all of the factors that we mentioned here which include the price as well. And keep in mind you will get what you will pay for. For small price range you will able to get a good toy that can cater you for your small & short distance ride pretty well but if you can stretch your money you can get the ride that can make you leave your cars at home.

Ending Lines

We tried to collect our information through extensive research on the e-scooter. We also analyzed and then wrote this electric scooter buying guide  for your convenience. As our main and foremost objective is to help you find the best fit for your choice. And we hope this buying guide provides you the path to make good and effective purchase decision.

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