How to Ride Electric Scooter- Beginner’s tips & guide

how to ride electric scooter – Beginner’s tips & guideIf you are going to buy an electric scooter for the first time try to make sure that you have read about the precautions and tips to ride it. Each of the electric scooters has its own safety and precaution tips and proper riding guide to ensure the safety of its rider. So, go through this whole-how to ride electric scooter- article and just try to follow the provided instructions with the respective scooters properly to get yourself out of any handling hazards or accidents. You should read the riding guide and instruction manual very carefully. This article will help you to know how to ride electric scooter properly. 

How to ride electric scooter: Step by Step

Here we are mentioning some useful tips and guide step by step for you. For further reading about the electric scooter safety read our electric scooter safety article. Go ahead and try to follow the tips and guide step by step and that way you will be able to enjoy a safe and refreshing ride on your electric scooter.

Step 1:

First, place your electric scooter’s wheels down on the ground, preferably on a flat ground.

Step 2:

Unlock the scooter by the pressing or activating specific key or switch. It’s okay if there is not any locking system in your electric scooter feature.

Step 3:

Be careful about the kickstand weather it is popped up or not. Most people actually forget about it when they are new riders.

Step 4:

Turn on the electric scooter by pressing the button where the on button is indicated. Some of the electric scooters have LED display which will help you to notice the hub of everything going on with your ride. This LED display will help you to know distance coverage and other useful information. Some of the scooters have gear system for your more comfortable riding.

Step 5:

Next, to make the scooter go you will have to look for two things first: The Hand Brakes & The Throttle. In most of the cases, the break is extremely sensitive and should be used mainly for turning tight corners or reserved for emergency stops. Do not try to hit the accelerator very fast, you might fly off and fall for an accident. Try to be gentle at the beginning. Look for the foot brakes also. The foot brakes are for your casual stop or gradually slowing down at any speed.

Step 6:

Next, you can move on to the throttle. You should be able to identify the throttle on the right side of your handlebars for most of the electric scooters. This will take you to your destination!

Step 7:

Put on the necessary safety gears and apparel and BOOM!!…

Things that you need to keep in mind while riding

Okay, here are some tips you must follow while riding, though we’ve mentioned in our electric scooter safety guide, we are mentioning some of the tips here because they are so important to keep in mind while riding in an adverse weather or even rainy season. It is obvious that in the rainy season the roads are slippery and many of the beginners actually forget about these tips and guide that they should follow as a beginner and fall for different types of hazards.

Avoid Accidents:

  • Most of the electric scooter can’t handle the weight more than one person. So, always ride your electric scooter alone otherwise you may fall for a dangerous accident.
  • Do not try to do stunts on your electric scooter or stick it with other vehicles. Because electric scooters are light and can’t handle much-unwanted pressure.
  • Don’t let your friends push you from the back while riding, because this may lead you to lose control and face a mishap.
  • For safe riding always follow the traffic rules and restriction of your locality. Wear the safety gears. And also get to know your electric scooter very well & try to become pro-rider slowly.
  • Watch out in the rainy season with your electric scooter. Because during the rainy season the roads may become slippery. It’s better to wear some extra protective gears in the rainy season.

Check the Scooter’s Condition:

  • Check and double check the conditions of the tires before going for a ride.
  • Try to keep the visor or screen clear all the time if your scooter comes with this feature.
  • Be careful on the roads. Stay focused all the time. And also watch out for any puddles or the rainbow pattern on the roads.
  • During the rainy seasons, you need be very careful while passing through the rail lines. Because the railway lines are made up of metal and metal slips a lot when it is wet

Check the Brakes:

  • Use the rear brakes. The rear brakes implementation is a great way of keeping steady motion while riding during the rain. During the rainy season if you apply the front brakes the scooter tiers might slip on the roads.
  • Another factor related to brakes is that you should use breaks gently. If you apply brakes with full pressure, then the rear tires might slip in the rain due to water, and there is a chance that you might fall. Try to apply the brakes slowly.

Stay Calm & Relaxed:

  • Here is the major factor, you need to stay calm and relaxed when you are on the road with the electric scooter. Never panic in any situation.
  • In adverse weather or in the rainy season while riding your electric scooter, you should try to maintain below the average speed of your electric scooter. Otherwise, you may lose control of the scooter and fall for a fatal accident.
  • Try to do a small cleaning before going for a ride. You can also try to use some other materials or chemical to clean your electric scooter’s parts.
  • Try to wear the safety gears or the apparels that are well visible on the roads. You can even wear the radioactive helmets or other types of reflective gears.

Be nice and cool! And try to follow our best Tips & Guide. This will definitely ensure your safety and you will be able to enjoy a nice ride every time you move on the roads with your electric scooter.

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