Swagtron Electric Scooter Review

swagtron electric scooter reviewSwagtron introduced the Swagger in the market as a complete package with its lightweight and portability. The Swagger does have it all to fulfill your quench as an electric scooter rider. In our opinion with a very well-crafted design, impressive features and the quality The Swagtron Swagger is the best electric scooter out there in the market for you. However, this article is about swagtron electric scooter review. In this article we covered the Swagger’s features and specifications, the good sides and bad sides and then give the final verdict on it. First of all go through the whole review and at the end you’ll find yourself very much impressed about the scooter.

Swagtron electric scooter review:

Extremely Fast and Powerful!

The Swagger has a 250-watt motor that can propel the scooter to a max speed of 15 mph. Probably with a Swagger beneath your feet you’ll feel air through your hair for up to 15 miles.

Take It with You!

You don’t have to find a parking lot for the scooter. Because the Swagger can be folded down in a few simple steps and can be easily stored. Besides, the lightweight feature made it easily transportable. Simply fold the Swagger and take it with you wherever you go. You can carry the scooter to the classroom or to your work place or on the bus or even on a plane.

The LED Crystal Display!

The Swagtron Swagger has a LED crystal display on the handle bar that allows you to view the speed of the motor, the battery life, the current gear level, odometer, average rotation speed, whole traveling time, and few other indicators.

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly!

The Swagtron Swagger is the ultimate Eco-friendly vehicle. The Swagger is the electric motor with a zero-emission. It is the most convenient adult electric scooter with a great look. Also the zero-emission electric motor is better for the environment than any fuel or gas-powered vehicle out there.

Tested for The Rider Safety!

The Swagtron Swagger electric scooter is officially UL 2272 certified. The scooter even features multiple redundant safety mechanisms and all. The Swagger is specially designed for your safety with the features like- dual brakes for ensuring greater riding safety while you swag with it in the open roads.


Swagtron Swagger’s Specifications & Key Features

  • Folding Size of Swagger: 39 x 15.9 x 9.25 inches.
  • Weight of the Scooter: 17.26 lbs.
  • Maximum Speed of the Scooter: 15 mph.
  • Battery capacity: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery with 24v & 3800 mAh.
  • The Electric Motor Power: 250 W.
  • Full Charging Time: 1.5 hours.
  • The scooter is fully TSA compliant for plane travel.
  • Average Battery Life on a single Full charge: 5 to 15 miles.
  • Handle Bar Features: A Backlit LED display with speedometer, odometer, and easy battery management system.


Swagtron Swagger’s Assessment and Feature Description

The Swagtron Swagger is the e-scooter that can turn your daily ordinary commute into an extraordinary adventure! Here, in this part of Swagtron electric scooter review we tried to assess the features and specifications of the Swagger and all that you need to know about the scooter.

The Motor & Speed

The Swagtron Swagger comes equipped with a 250-watt high performance motor. So, the motor is powerful enough to propel the e-scooter to a maximum speed of 15 mph. In reality, the Swagger is the fastest electric scooter with the maximum speed of 15 mph. Besides, the Swagger has a weight limit of 250 pounds.

Frame & Design

The Swagger is among the most beautiful vehicles out there in the market. The scooter comes with the carbon fiber frame that allows the rider to truly take it anywhere. The scooter doesn’t come with the mess of wires like others. Rather its eye-catching design will always provide you with the smartest outfit, even making the road attention towards you.  The total weight of the Swagger is 17lbs because of the light carbon-fiber frame. And the scooter is also TSA compliant and you can carry it on the plane. The perfectly sized deck of Swagger has a sandpaper textured layer on it to avoid the foot slippery. With this exclusive feature the scooter is also very well-balanced. Besides, The Swagger features three colors- Black, Pink & White.

Brakes & Gears

This Swagger features a 5 gearing level pack for accurate and precise control of riding speed. Further more the scooter is equipped with a smooth throttle for fast acceleration. The Swagger has double brakes as we mentioned earlier. The foot-brakes are conveniently placed for the ultimate control and the hand brake is very good for slow control as a result the rider’s safety is ensured.

 Gear specifications-

  • Gear 1 speed 5 mph.
  • At Gear 2 speed 7.5 mph.
  • Gear 3 speed 10 mph.
  • At Gear 4 speed 15 mph.

Wheels & Tires

The Swagger comes with 10 inches pneumatic tires  with the shock absorption mechanism. So, the tires can easily absorb the road bump and span cracks very well. So, the ride is smooth but powerful & quiet. But keep that in mind, the small wheels are actually designed for the smooth and flat roads only. Try to slow down the scooter when riding on an uneven terrain or hitting the road bumps or holes.

Handle Bar & Throttle

Swagger has all the controls placed on the handlebar. The handlebar includes the throttle, a hand brake, the throttle controller, the power button, up button & down button for gear control and a crystal display. And the display also shows all the data and adjustment. Besides, The handles are detachable, which helps for easy transportation.

Folding Feature & LED Headlight

The Swagger has a simple folding design. As a result the scooter can be easily folded with few steps. Because of the detach ability of the handlebar the folding feature got its complete beauty. As a result the scooter is known as “Swagger Folding electric scooter” in the market. The Swagger also has a very innovative and integrated headlight which ensures the night or low light journey safety for you.

Battery Life & Performance

The Swagtron Swagger takes one & a half hour to fully charge the battery. Certainly, this is the shortest time for fully charging an electric scooter battery. Furthermore the scooter can run up to 15 miles in single full-charge. The scooter also has a smart battery management system that protect the battery from overheating, short circuiting, overcharging, over-voltage and over-current supply.

The Good & Bad Sides of the Swagtron Swagger

After very careful consideration & analysis we have come up with a short list of advantages and disadvantages of the  Swagtron Swagger. All our findings are listed below-

The Good Sides-

  • The Swagger is compact, lightweight and easily portable.
  • Cool frame design with three color variations.
  • Easy to use for everyone.
  • Powerful motor and battery with short charging time of 1.5 hrs.
  • This scooter features a few speed settings & control.
  • customer service team is quick to respond and assist.
  • The scooter does roll like a normal scooter.
  • The crystal display and headlight for better ride.
  • More emphasis on brakes for rider’s safety.
  • Sandpaper textured layer on the deck to avoid the foot slippery.
  • The scooter is TSA compliant and you can carry it on the plane.

The Bad Sides

  • Probably the battery life is sometimes lower than the average life span.
  • Lacks some of the add-on features that one might find necessary.
  • Some consumers had issues with the scooter’s mileage.
  • The scooter does not work on loose dirt or deep grass.
  • The tires of the scooter are too small for rough or loose surfaces.

Additional Notes

  • The package will deliver- 1 x Swagger, 2 x Detachable Handle, 1x Charger, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x Kickstand, 1 x User Manual.
  • Read the user manual properly.
  • And charge the battery fully before riding.


The Final Verdict!

Finally, at the end of our swagtron electric scooter review we should mention that the consumers had some mixed experience with the battery life of the scooter. Probably, the Swagger is not good for hill tracks or a very long ride. Intense use of the scooter may damage the battery and other parts of the scooter but riding the Swagger is very simple. Even if, you’re a novice electric scooter rider you’ll not face any difficulty. We’ve assessed the Swagger very critically above in the article. After the assessment we can conclude that Swagtron has done almost everything amazing with the Swagger folding electric scooter. Certainly, the scooter is perfect choice for adults. Above all if you’re spending your money for the electric ride, we can just honestly suggest you to spend it on the Swagger.

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  • I bought one of these, and after having it for maybe a week the steering stem got loose causing me to crash, the battery is declining and the throttle sticks on.

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