Xiaomi Electric Scooter Review: The Smart E-Scooter


Probably, you know Xiaomi is a Chinese brand. But the fact is Xiaomi produces all kind of electronics products. However, this article is about the xiaomi electric scooter review. The article will provide you every info you seek know about the Xiaomi Mi Jia M365 electric scooter. As a brand Xiaomi established its firm root in China. Lots of people are using Xiaomi products due to their high-quality and durability. Xiaomi products are available relatively at a low price. But the quality ensures the reliability of the brands’ products in the market. Definitely Xiaomi will expand all over the world in the near future because of its high-quality products as they have earned the trust of the consumers.

Even if Xiaomi is relatively new in the e-ride world you would be amazed to know about their newly launched M365 smart electric scooter. If you are ready to try something new & smart for your daily commuting or fun-ride then hold your breath and sit tight, we are going to get you acquainted with the only smart scooter available on the market currently.

We suggest you to go through the whole review with patience and you won’t regret it. Surely, you’ll be able to make a good purchase decision given that you are willing to spend some of your earnings for the e-scooter. We started the review with a brief overview of the M365 followed by the detailed discussion about everything you need to know.


A Brief Overview of the M365 Xiaomi Electric Scooter

A Unique e-scooter:

As the title says The Xiaomi Mi Jia M365 is the only legitimate smart electric scooter currently available on the market. This electric scooter integrated Bluetooth connectivity which connects the scooter’s controller with the Mi Home application. You can use your smartphone to connect the scooter’s controller and get a lot of info, like- the speed, range, battery status, cruise control and so on and even control some of the settings.   The M365 is a package with lots of other useful features. And the scooter has already won the confidence of many commuters with its reliable performance.

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Two Operating Mode:

The M365 can run in two operating mode. It can gain a range up to 30km when used in economical mode (ECO) with a top speed up to 20km/h and at normal mode the top speed is up to 25km/h. It has a brushless motor of 250W and that can also obtain a boost of 500W which provides the scooter enough power to go uphill at a 14% incline. The power of the scooter comes from the 280 Wh lithium-ion rechargeable battery with an automated battery management system, which keeps the battery cells in good condition. The battery has 30 cells and has a total capacity of 7800mAh. The scooter also has kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) which allows the battery to recharge when you go downhill.

The Control Panel:

The control panel is very minimalistic with only one push button for start & stop the scooter power making it very easy to use for you. The scooter has a dual braking system. On the rear wheel it uses the disk braking system and the front wheel uses the motor brake. The rear brake automatically triggers the front brake. The brake system works  combinly with E-ABS lock with ventilation which can prevent a sudden brake. Though the scooter doesn’t have suspension its 8.5-inch air-cushion tires can easily absorb any kind of shock. With the high-power LED font light and a tail light the M365 ensures more safety for you.

The Features:

The folding feature with a lock enhances the portability of the scooter. It just takes few seconds to fold and the handlebars turns into a holder making it easy to carry around. Large wheel fenders are used to keep the dirt and water away making it more comfortable for you to ride. The built quality of M365 is exceptionally good, as it made from high-quality aircraft grade aluminum and the plastic parts are also very good quality, which make the scooter highly durable. The scooter weights only 12.5kg making it much easier to carry while folded. The scooter looks very stylish with its simple but sturdy design & structure.

So, with these amazing constructs and features the M365 is like the holy grail in the world of electric scooter. We’ve never seen anything like this on the market till now and if you are already ready to get your hands on the Xiaomi Mi Jia M365 electric scooter just click here to get a very nice deal on Amazon.com.

The Exclusive Features of the Xiaomi Electric Scooter

In this section of the Xiaomi electric scooter review we’ve discussed all the outstanding and exclusive features of the Xiaomi Mi Jia M365 electric scooter in a detailed manner. We’ve tried to avoid any kind of redundancy for your convenience.

The Smart Controller

The Xiaomi M365 is standing as the smart electric scooter. Because you can connect your smartphone through Bluetooth. You just have to download the Mi Home Android or IOS application. You can lots of settings like- the current speed of the scooter, battery status, rotation speed, cruise control, travelling distance and so on. You’ll also be able to lock the scooter with the app with the latest firmware update, it’ll lock the rear wheel’s running capability which ensures a greater protection system. The cruise control on the app will allow the scooter to go into the intelligent riding mode which will allow you to release the manual control and lessen your fatigue and tension.

Automated Battery Management System & the KERS

Xiaomi Mi Jia M365 electric scooter has a massive and high-quality battery with 18650mAH Lithium-ion battery. The battery gets full charge in 5-5.5 hours and the battery has automated battery management system (BMS). The BMS keeps the battery pack in good shape by bringing the balance in charging the cells individually and monitoring the output, voltage and temperature. The scooter is also equipped with the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) which can convert the kinetic energy into the electric energy on the move. This will happen easily when you’ll go downhill. The energy will be stored automatically and can be reused to prolong the battery life and increase your travelling distance. You just have to release the throttle to activate the KERS.

Two Operating Mode and Dual Braking System

The Xiaomi M365 has two operating mode: the normal operating mode and the economical mode (ECO). As the company advertised the 30 km range can be achieved only in the ECO mode. There is a start button on the handlebar and the ECO mode can be activated by double taping on it. At normal mode the scooter can gain a speed up to 25km/h but at ECO mode the speed comes down to 18-20km/h. And as we’ve mentioned earlier the Xiaomi M365 uses a dual braking system. The disk braking system of rear wheel is very efficient.  And the front wheel brake become active automatically  with the rear brake. Besides the scooter equipped itself with the E-ABS locking system. The disks are ventilated which can dissipate the heat generated and prevent a sudden brake.

High Quality Design and Construction with Smooth Finishing

As we mentioned in the introduction as a brand Xiaomi never compromised in the quality of their products. From the look of the M365 you can understand it- the built quality is exceptionally good. The scooter comes in two colors: Black & White and both of them are pretty cool in their own style & design. The body of the scooter is made from the airplane grade aluminum alloy. All the welding is made with extreme precision and oversized for better durability. The finishing of the scooter is also very high-quality. The plastic materials that are used for protecting various parts are also very resistant.

Folding with the Locking Mechanism

The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter got its portability with the folding system. It’ll just take a few second to fold the scooter. The handlebars turn into a holder while folded and with it you can easily carry the scooter with you. The folding has a locking mechanism which is also a great work of Xiaomi. A plastic latch locks the main lever of the scooter with the holder so that the scooter will not open itself accidentally while folded.


The Good and Bad Sides

In this section of the Xiaomi electric scooter review:

We’ve mentioned the good and bad sides of the Mi Jia M365. As we’ve done our extensive research on the scooter we found some bad sides as well and decided to inform you of those. Though you already know the outstanding features of the scooter, here we mentioned the good sides in bullet points for your convenience.

The Good Sides

  • The package of the scooter comes in 99% assembled with a valve-hose adapter for airing the tires.
  • The scooter has 8.5-inch pneumatic air-cushion tires which are excellent in absorbing any kind of shock. Besides, they are abrasion resistant and anti-skid.
  • The deck of the scooter is layered by the aircraft-grade aluminum, so its durable, anti-corrosion and also anti-skid.
  • There is a kickstand, so you don’t have to lean it against any wall or something.
  • It never accelerates abruptly if you suddenly twist the throttle after starting.
  • The scooter is  waterproof, so you can ride it on the wet surface and large fenders cover the tires keep dirt and water away.
  • The rider can lock the scooter using the smart controller feature from your smartphone.
  • The handlebars contain all the controls- the classic horn, accelerator, a handbrake, the 4 LED indicators which show the battery status, and the start button.
  • Activating the ECO mode and KERS feature is very easy.
  • The scooter has a very powerful front LED light, so you can also ride it at night safely.

The Bad Sides

  • The scooter has maximum weight capability of 100kg with the fixed handlebars of 114cm.
  • You’ll get tired to pull the scooter if the tires get punctured on the road.
  • The rider need to push a little by foot, just pressing the throttle is not enough.
  • You cannot ride the scooter when it’s raining or when the water level is more than 2cm.
  • For the black one frequent cleaning would be necessary.


How Long Does the M365’s Battery Last?

The battery of the Xiaomi M365 is located in the lower part of the pedal. It has the power of 280Wh, 42V output voltage and 7800mAh capacity. The battery takes 5.5 hours to fully charge. You can fin out how many times you have charged the battery. The manufacturer says the battery lifespan is more than 1000 loads, after that the battery will lose 70-80% of its total power.


The Full Specifications


Specifications Values
Model M365
Material Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy
Wheel Size 8.5-inch inflatable tire
Motor Size 6.7-inch
Maximum Torque 16 Nm
Maximum Speed 25km/h (common mode), 18-20km/h (ECO mode)
Maximum Range 30km
Braking System Rear disk Brake, Front Brake with E-ABS anti-lock
Motor Power 250W, Boost- 500W
Battery Pack 280Wh, 18650 Lithium-ion
Waterproof Grade IP54
Climbing Grade Up to 14 degrees
Weight Capacity 100kg
Charger Input Voltage 100-240V
Battery Limited Voltage 42V
Charging Duration 5-5.5 hours
Power Consumption 1.1kWh per 100km- standard
Full Size 108x43x114cm
Folding Size 108x43x49cm
Total weight 12.5kg


What is the Current Market Price?

Reaching at this point of the Xiaomi electric scooter review, we hope you alredy got the point. Price is not the prime factor in case of Xiaomi. At this moment, the Xiaomi Mi Jia M365 is one of the cheapest e-scooters available on the market. If you can buy it from the manufacturer directly you get the discount. You can get the scooter on Amazon.com at a very reasonable price.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers to Them

  • Question: How long does the battery of M365 last?

    • Answer: The Battery will last more than 1000 charge-loads.
  • Question: How to prevent flat tire for Xiaomi Mi 365?

    • Answer: The best way to buy tire-sealant.
  • Question: Does the Xiaomi M365 run in the rain?

    • Answer: The scooter runs on wet surface but not in the rain.

For more Q&A and real consumer reviews you can click here.


The Final Verdict

Reaching at the bottom lines of the Xiaomi electric scooter review we can only say that we’ve never seen anything like the Mi Jia M365 on the market. We believe you’ll never regret your decision if you acquire one of these amazing electric rides. As we’ve mentioned at the top the Xiaomi M365 is on the way to change the prevailing view. A prevailing view that the scooters are for mostly the younger people. No need to mention we guess, the Xiaomi M365 is for the grown-ups.

Until now, in most of the cases an electric scooter has always been looked upon as a young people’s thing. But with some new releases including Xiaomi’s M365 smart electric scooter the trend is changing. We hope, now you know the why! So, if you are ready to spend a few dollars for an electric scooter to save your money on the public transport. Or just for leisure time riding we highly recommend you to get the Xiaomi Mi Jia M365 electric scooter. You’ll feel like- you’ve made the best buying decision of your life.

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